Mobile apps Projects

Mobile Apps Projects

Hey there!

I’m currently developing apps under my company Synergetic S.A.S based in Colombia. I’m using different technologies, that’s why not all of my apps are developed for all the platforms.

Android (Google Play)

New Apps:
Old Apps:

Android (Amazon)

iOS (App Store)

Let me know what you think of these in the comments area, thanks!

Other Software and Web Design Projects:

 Web Design

Windows’ Software Development

Texas Instruments’ Developments

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David Suescun

Founder at Synergetic S.A.S
David Suescun dreams with a world where people don’t have to overstay at work, can manage their time to enjoy their family and friends and live fulfilling lives.His book: Become Super Productive covers a great deal of actionable techniques to help anyone achieve this. You can read more about the book at
David Suescun
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