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“6 Weeks to Fit” has been officially launched!

6 Weeks to Fit

Would you like to increase your strength? Find it difficult to stick to Gyms and complicated workouts? Well, I do, and I do! That’s why  6 weeks to Fit (6w2 Fit)  was developed: to help people like you, and I, start our road towards fitness and good health.

After one year of development, I’ve finally launched my workout app!  For the time being, only the Android version is released. The iOS version still needs more testing.

The 6 weeks to Fit App will take you from 0 to 100 Pushups in only 18 workout sessions! And that’s only one of the six Strength Building Exercises that you’ll be getting.

It combines the HICT routine (7 minutes High Intensity Circuit Training featured in the New York Times  and originally published on American College of Sports Medicine’s -ACSM- Health & Fitness Journal), and a 6 Week bodyweight, strength building, in an easy to follow program to provide you an ideal balance of Cardio and Strength.

Using High-intensity interval training (HIIT aka HIT) we ensure you’ll get a healthy Cardiovascular routine, that also allows your body to reap the effects of a longer “after burn”, this means your body will be burning fat even after you’ve finished your training!

Unlike similar programs, mine was crafted after researching different studies on the best methods for strength building, that’s one of the reasons why we use six sets of six bodyweight exercises: We aim at maximum efficiency while simplifying the “exercise” experience, and also minimizing the chances of getting unintentionally injured.

The exercises are completely equipment-free (Except for sturdy chair and the optional bar for the Pull-Ups program) and can be performed at the comfort of your home.

In only 18 Sessions you are going to reach the following goals (even if the current number of reps you can manage is ZERO):

Exercise/Goal Bronze Silver Gold
Push-ups 50 75 100
Sit-ups 100 150 200
Squats 100 150 200
Dips 75 115 150
Lunges 100 150 200
Pull-ups 10 15 20

-Plus 100% of the Recommended cardio requirements per week on every workout session.

I understand this might sound difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. But this program is an improved version of similar programs that have been tested out by thousands (some claim even millions) of people, and it uses one exhaustion tests to tailor the best way to build your strength up.

So…? Are your ready to regain control of your life? Go ahead and buy my app!! It will cost you less than a taco, and it will positively improve you life by helping you build strength, get healthier and help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted!

More on HIT/HIIT:

“I’ve used interval training in my step classes for years. Push hard for a minute or less and then keep going but at a much lower level of intensity, until it’s time to crank it up again.” –Kathy Kaehler, celebrity fitness trainer, author of Mom Energy

“I’m a big advocate for HIIT training. My mantra is that doing a little bit is better than nothing at all. If you’re doing 10 minutes of a hard-core workout, you’re going to burn more calories than doing a 20-minute workout at a slower pace.” –Jennifer Cohen, founder, and author of No Gym Required

Additional Features:

  • A stunning design that keeps you focused on your main goal.
  • Optimized rest/workout times to maximize the effectiveness of your training.
  • Customized training level based on physical fitness test throughout the program.
  • Automated timers that you can customize (For Workouts and Rest).
  • Statistics/Track of your Workouts.
  • Explanatory images/text and video link for each exercise.

Go ahead and get your copy! 

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PS: If you want to try it before you buy, check out the 2-week trial version: